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Let us find the perfect

college fit for you!

Contact the experts!

Choosing a college is never an easy decision,

but it doesn't have to create stress and unwarranted anxiety

for both parent and student.

At Academic Wisdom we counsel, talk about strategies, discuss options and come up with a step by step plan to make the process easy, suited for your individual needs.


 Academic Wisdom is committed to helping guide, advise and make the road to college as stress-free as possible. With over 25 years of experience in and out of the classroom, we offer personal services to ease and support this process.

We believe that knowledge is power and that the more informed a student is, the better equipped he or she will be able to make a decision. We focus on providing personal attention and promoting dialogue with parents and students, which will lead to choosing a school that best suits the needs of the individual.

     Finding the right fit between student and school is our top priority, while bringing rationality into the process.

  • HS College Coordinator

  • HS Internship Director

  • Member NYSACAC

  • Certified IEC (Independent Educational Consultant)

  • Faculty Advisor

  • HS Counselor


Consultation and Packages


Free Consultation

A Free Consultation is available to students that are juniors and seniors in High School, and it encompasses an overview of the total process.

Some of the topics discussed will include timetables, steps, course of action and fees. Attendance by parent and student as a group is mandatory.

  • Private Coaching

  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Essay writing
  • Resume writing
  • List of colleges/universities


Parents Recommend

Mary G.

"Life around the house was tense to say the least. Mrs. Loposky put things in perspective for us and communication with my daughter improved tremendously. She was patient and helped to navigate the process with ease. I don't know what we would have done without her."

Jake G.

"I had Mrs. Loposky as my counselor last year and she really helped me through the college application process. Had MANY questions and she was patient and answered all of them. Best counselor in school!"

Mark S.

"I thought my essay was decent until I showed it to Mrs. Loposky.

It wasn't long before we were sitting side by side taking it apart. She made me understand the difference between a regular essay and a college admissions essay! I don't know what I would have done withour her help. I feel confident now."

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