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Free Consultations and Packages

(all fees will be available at time of consultation)

Free consultation







A Free Consultation is available to students that are juniors and seniors in High School, and it encompasses an overview of the total process. Some of the topics discussed will include timetables, steps, course of action and fees. Attendance by parent and student as a group is mandatory.



  • Interview: questionnaire for both Parent and Student to determine student’s strengths, plan of action and calendar.

  • Review of student’s transcript.

  • Recommendations for high school courses (depending on age and year of study) to put student in the best possible position for acceptance to the school of their choice.

  • Discussion on tests and test requirements : PSAT’s, SAT’s, Subject Tests, AP’s, ACT/Writing, Test Optional Schools

  • Advisement on preparation for standardized tests (Princeton review, Kaplan, Revolution Prep, etc--as well as options for free prep help).

  • Recommendations for involvement in extra-curricular activities.

  • Recommendations for summer activities to enhance resume.

  • Essay review (student must bring in essay already written).

  • Strategies for attending college fairs, visiting campuses--including list of questions to ask college reps.

  • Preparation for college interviews.

  • Selection of a list of colleges uniquely suited to the student.

  • Plan of action. 



  • Includes all of Phase I

  • Resume writing.

  • Advisement on writing a college essay (student must write the essay); consultant will offer detailed advice on what is essential for writing a good college essay, as well as brain storming and editing of both common application essays and individual college's essays. This will be an ongoing process and should begin in the Spring of junior year.

  • Application review and assistance with filling out applications.

  • Tutorial on how to use Naviance.

  • Discussion on whom to ask for letters of recommendation.

  • References to reliable resources for scholarships, financial aid, and financial planning.



Package A







  • Filling out the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile


  • Compiling list of Colleges as per student and parent preferences


  • Essay review and editing


  • Parent only session: advisement and counsel on how not to be a 'helicopter parent', ease anxiety, and improve communication with student (max. 4 hours)





  • Individualized block hours on any subject pertaining to the college application process (2 hours minimum, 4 hours max – hours do not have to be consecutive)

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